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Data Management Capabilities

Stone Enterprises has been helping companies with their data needs for over 15 years. Let Stone help your company unlock the hidden value in your company's data. Increase productivity, speed decision making and empower your employees with real-time analytics and reports.

The type of data issues that Stone can assist with include:

  • Data Migration: Migrate multiple data sources using best practices for data migration
  • Data Quality: Clean data upfront and ongoing (cleanse, standardize and de-duplicate your data)
  • Data Governance: Alignment of people & policies within your organization
  • Real-time & Batch Data: We work with batch & real-time data; both on-premise and in the cloud

As noted in the diagram below, Stone Enterprises has developed a process to help clients solve issues from source extract to visualization of your data. We know that if the data isn’t clean, the reports generated using that data will likely be invalid.

DM Overview